martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Without loving in our hearts, earth gets the sign of destruction and unhappiness over human being. Everyday and for full time we should take responsability for others. Thinking that each action we do, cause an impact a wave that goes and comes, over and over again with consequences on each way it does. A good change doesn't include what you expect from people for you, but what you do for all expectations, except the desire to learn and make them happy. Here or there, doesn't matter where.

sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

life's thoughs...

Sometimes life makes you crash into difficulties that you never imagined. These days, I had to face many problems that I didn't expect...or at least, that I prefered to avoid thinking about. These days, I had to cling to my belief more than ever, because that is the safe path to keep working on my future.
Life is an adventure where barriers are there to overcome our fears and to be creative in order to keep going! Fortunately I had the opportunity to meet people who gave me inspiration to believe. These days I had to reflect deeply on my own life, about what I wanna do... but today more than ever, I'm sure about who I am, because I'm not a nationality, or a number, or a name, but everything I learn and I give to the people around me. And that's the lesson given by life...a real one, where problems can not stop the destiny of being happy.

jueves, 3 de junio de 2010

notes...about what I wonder all the time...

The question is about where would we like to be, why, and how. My answer is that I would like to be where my presence could be useful to help, because it's not about compassion but of their need to feel safe. It's all about to survived, don't be a war spoils, and find the way to be happy.

how? doing what my heart says, following the voice inside of me that everyday and all the time is screaming to remind that the way to get what I want to be, is to be willing to help people. And It can happens always with "small" actions, altough most of the time I'll never imagine the impact I could bring to all them, because only deeply... in their souls, their memories will be able to keep what I did someday for them.

martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

Last time I though about my country...

Last time I though about world, I realized that there are many people whose principal need is the opportunity to make true their own dreams.
Last time I though about miracles, I understood the reason why leaders try to make changes, significant changes able to spread emphaty for others.

Last time I though about my country, I knew that there might be something else to make us reflect about our need (and duty) to choose a good change for our society, where should be illegal kill citizens, where population get guaranties (through democracy) because of its rights instead of its money. Society, where is not a destiny die in a hospital because someone denied care. A place, where government can't be proud of kill militias, even regardless that most of them are children.

And the most important thing is a nation where 45 million of stories can agree to don't ignore our reality where at the end doesn't matter who you are or where do you live, everyone means the same thing facing violence. If we spend our time doing good actions, maybe we could see a huge change, hoping that future generations will be able to say that the last time they thought about this country, It was a so amazing place that no one else could have dream it before.

martes, 2 de marzo de 2010

This is my place. Sawa? yeah...Sawa! :)

I have been thinking about you: world...your world, my world, our world...that place, that is all you want it to be.
That place which here, or there, has the same meaning...the place that shares with everyone its culture, its traditions, its dreams, its people.
You know? wherever you are, there is something magic to try out...wherever you go, you will find people who teachs you another way to live the life, to enjoy the world, and to learn after fall.

Whenever you want, there is a reason to be aware about the real world. A World where doesn't matter if you are so far or so close, most people share needs, most of youth people share commitments, and most of children share hopes.

Whatever you think about world...if you have been walking around it, and if you already got the chance to discover the planet, you can realize that there are still many places you would like to go; for the simple reason that world is waiting for welcome you in many different languages, to the awesome opportunity of feeling by yourself, how lucky you are to be part of this big family, in this wonderful place,which is smaller, than you can figure out.

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

¡A ti baterista!

Estos días aprendí que la vida es todo lo que uno quiere hacer de ella; y que las experiencias no son más que la oportunidad de moldear la arcilla que deseamos perfeccionar.
Estos días entendí que las dificultades están ahí para que las superemos y no nos amedrentemos...que los sueños son más que el reflejo de los deseos, y que más allá de lo que el futuro nos depare, estamos en este mundo para hacer y ser lo que la pasión nos mande.

Estos días te vi tocar la batería como va uno todos los días tocando la vida..esa vida que también se ensaya imaginariamente cuando no tenemos los medios para tener todo siempre. Esa vida que se lucha, que se pierde, y que se aferra, a los deseos que cada uno pone en ella.

Estos días me enseñaste a tomar las baquetas, a tocar con fuerza los proyectos, a componer muchos de ellos, pero especialmente, a no dejar de hacer lo que más quiero, aunque eso implique ser recursivo para obtenerlo. ¡Gracias!

¿Dónde estarás?

Hace mucho quiero volver a verte para escuchar tu voz, para sentir tu historia, para vivir tu esperanza, y para que me cuentes desde la nada, lo que hace de tu vida la más grande hazaña.
Hace meses dejé de verte, y me pregunto si sigues ausente entre tanta gente; si te sigues escondiendo entre el mugre y los rotos lentes, de ese héroe que en memoria cuenta, la incesante historia que la fría capital envuelve.

¿Cuánto tiempo desde aquella tarde en que tuve la oportunidad de encontrarte? pero suerte que en mi mente te quedes, con el más alucinante deseo, de que me enseñes con tu reencuentro, lo que se siente ser un ángel desde el más inóspito recuerdo.